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At the time of pick-up, the following physical documentation* issued in the main driver ́s name must be presented at the rental desk of Ziraat Filo:

  • Valid Passport/or ID card

  • Physical credit card with the name and surname written on it.

  • Valid Driving License

    • For Economy Class Vehicles: Minimum 1 years driving license is required.

    • For Medium Vehicles: Minimum 2 years driving license is required.

    • For Upper Class Vehicles: Minimum 5 years driving license is required.

*At least one of them must be chipped.


Ziraat Filo company applies a minimum driver age limit determined according to car segments during delivery. Minimum driver age limits are set out below.

  • For Economy class vehicles: Minimum age is 21 (*Not:21 yaşını doldurmuş olmak koşulu sabit kalmak kaydi ile genç sürücü ücreti alınarak Ekonomik sınıf araç kiralanabilmektedir.)

  • For Midium class vehicles: Minimum age is 25 

  • For Upper class vehicles: Minimum age is 28


A valid credit card in the renter's name is required to cover the deposit amount at the Ziraat Filo office during the vehicle handover.

For upper group vehicles, double credit cards are accepted.

Note: Please note that if you fail to produce a valid credit card or have insufficient funds available, the car rental agent may refuse to release the vehicle.


Upon collection of the car a security deposit will be blocked on the driver’s credit card. This deposit is determined by the supplier considering your selected car category. Please be informed that the value of one tank of fuel and possible traffic fines can be additionally blocked on your credit card. It is recommended to present a credit card with a chip, pin code, and embossed numbers.

Ziraat Filo company applies a certain amount of pre-authorization from the renter's own registered credit card during the vehicle handover.

For upper group vehicles, double credit cards are accepted.

Estimated deposit amounts:

  • For Economy Class Vehicles: 2000₺

  • For Medium Vehicles: 2500₺

  • For the Prestige Group: 3500₺

  • For Premium and Luxury Group: 4000₺

In the case of premium and luxury class vehicles, Ziraat Filo company implements a dual credit card policy. Half of the pre-authorization amount is charged from one credit card, while the other half is charged from the second credit card.

*Note: For luxury cars, two credit cards with the same driver’s name are required for all rentals. The credit card must not be from the same issuer but the required deposit amount must be available only on one of the two cards.

Other Conditions:

If the driver is going to use a company credit card (Commercial card), an approval letter on letterhead, stamp and wet signature with the company's trade name is required. The signatory must be a company partner or a member of the board of directors. A signature circular of the person who will sign is required.

Removal of Provision:

After you return the car Ziraat Filo, provisions will be removed within a maximum of 7 working days after.


Below is the detailed table of Ziraat Filo company regarding the number of rental days and the mileage limit to be applied. The mileage limits for upper and luxury group vehicles vary according to the vehicle group.

The excess mileage fee for daily rentals is as follows:

  • Economy Class vehicles:  1.3₺ per kilometer

  • Midium Class vehicles:  1.4₺ per kilometer

  • Prestige Class vehicles: 2₺ per kilometer

  • Premium Group: 3₺ per kilometer

  • Luxury Class vehicles: 4₺ per kilometer























ttl 4500

ttl 3500 - 4000


ttl 4500

ttl 3500 - 4000


ttl 4500

ttl 3500 - 4000


ttl 4500

ttl 3500 - 4000


ttl 4500

ttl 3500 - 4000


ttl 4500

ttl 3500 - 4000


ttl 4500

ttl 3500 - 4000


ttl 4500

ttl 3500 - 4000


ttl 4500

ttl 3500 - 4000


ttl 4500

ttl 3500 - 4000


ttl 4500

ttl 3500 - 4000


ttl 4500

ttl 3500 - 4000

Detailed mileage usage rights according to vehicle groups are available on the rental terms screen dated 16.05.2024.


Ziraat Filo company delivers the vehicles with full fuel tanks. If you return the vehicle with a fuel level lower than the one indicated on the vehicle delivery form, the fuel cost difference between the indicated level and the actual level will be deducted from the security deposit. In addition to the fuel cost, the following service fees, which vary depending on the vehicle class, will be charged:

Economic Group (Clio, Symbol, etc.) 329 TL

Middle Group (Megane, 2008, etc.) 361 TL

Prestige and Premium Group (3008, Passat, 320i, A4, etc.)  394 TL 

Luxury Group (520i, A6, etc.) 426 TL

Detailed charges for missing fuel according to vehicle groups are available on the rental terms screen dated 16.05.2024.


  • Mini Damage Insurance / 139 TL

  • Super Mini Damage Insurance / 169 TL

  • Tire / Glass Insurance B-C / 110 TL

  • Tire / Glass Insurance D and Above / 135 TL

  • Tire / Glass Insurance D and Above / 160 TL

  • Maximum Damage Insurance / 239 TL

  • Optional Financial Liability Insurance / 100 TL

  • Personal Accident / 75 TL

  • Cancellation Assurance Package / 50 TL

  • Additional Driver / 60 TL

  • Young Driver Insurance / 320 TL

  • Winter Tire / 169 TL

  • Child Seat / 100 TL

  • Mini Protection Package / 229 TL S

  • uper Protection Package / 269 TL

  • Maximum Protection Package / 339 TL

For rentals of 1-15 days, additional equipment rental is multiplied by the number of rental days.

For rentals of 16-30 days, additional equipment is charged for only 15 days. Anything beyond 15 days is free of charge.


Cross border travel is not usually permitted.


In very rare cases you may need our support when you arrived at your pick-up location. Assumed you have problems finding the supplier, its location, or you have problems getting the car, our professional customer service team will assist you in such cases.

Our customer service team is happy to help you 24/7 in your dedicated language.

Yolcu360 Customer Support Line: 0850 360 5 360

Emergency Support Line: 08502228055


The vehicle you are renting is protected against collision, damage, theft, and attempted theft. Violations of the protection coverage will be specified in the document presented to you during the vehicle handover. Please carefully read this document when picking up the vehicle.


When picking up the vehicle, the company will conduct a Findeks inquiry.

An additional service fee of 20% will be applied to the usage fee for HGS (Fast Pass) and OGS (Automatic Toll Collection System).

The renter shall use the rented vehicle in accordance with the Traffic Law and Regulations and exercise due care, complying with traffic rules. The renter must comply with the Highway Code, Regulations, and all relevant legislation. The renter cannot evade liability by claiming to be unaware of these obligations. The renter is responsible for all legal and criminal expenses arising from non-compliance with the regulations. After the delivery of the rented vehicle to the renter, any traffic fines issued and not paid by the renter will be paid by the Lessor, and a service fee will be charged to the renter equal to 20% of the Traffic Fine amount, capped at a maximum of 100 TL per transaction. Upon the first written notification, the renter expressly acknowledges and undertakes to immediately pay all additional fees, service charges, penalty fees, and any other costs incurred by the Lessor, without the need for a court order.

If the vehicle is returned before the agreed-upon return date, the refund amount will not cover the entire rental period. The cost of the days the vehicle was used by the customer will be deducted from the total rental fee, and the remaining amount for the unused days will be refunded. This amount will be calculated based on the rental fee for the respective date.

For extensions of reservations made through Yolcu 360, you need to directly contact the Ziraat Filo office where you returned the vehicle to discuss the continuation of your existing rental agreement. Daily extension fees and availability can be obtained by contacting the branch through the provided communication link.

YOLCU360 provides an unconditional 100% refund right.

In case the insurance package is added, there will be no fee deduction for cancellations until the start time of the rental.

Other rental conditions, other than the titles mentioned above, will be notified to you during the delivery of the car by a representative of the Ziraat Filo company, to be submitted for your signature. Please do not forget to read the document presented to you before receiving the car.

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