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At the time of pick-up, the following physical documentation* issued in the main driver ́s name must be presented at the rental desk of Mayrent:

  • Valid Passport/or ID card

  • Valid Driving License

    • For Economy Class Vehicles: Minimum 1 years driving license is required.

    • For Medium Vehicles: Minimum 2 years driving license is required.

    • For Upper Class and SUV-type Vehicles: Minimum 3 years driving license is required.

*At least one of them must be chipped.


Mayrent company applies a minimum driver age limit determined according to car segments during delivery. Minimum driver age limits are set out below. The minimum age limits are specified below. The maximum age limit is 65.

  • For Economy Class Vehicles: Minimum 21

  • For Medium Vehicles: Minimum 23

  • For Upper Class and SUV-type Vehicles: Minimum 25


During car delivery Mayrent offices require one or two credit cards issued in the driver's name to cover the deposit. The number of credit cards varies depending on the type of car you will rent.

  • For Economy and Medium Class Vehicles: 1 Credit Card

Note: Please note that if you fail to produce a valid credit card or have insufficient funds available, the car rental agent may refuse to release the vehicle.


Upon collection of the car a security deposit will be blocked on the driver’s credit card. This deposit is determined by the supplier considering your selected car category. Please be informed that the value of one tank of fuel and possible traffic fines can be additionally blocked on your credit card. It is recommended to present a credit card with a chip, pin code, and embossed numbers.

During the vehicle delivery, Mayrent company applies a pre-authorization hold from one or more credit cards that are registered in the driver's name for a certain amount.

Estimated deposit amounts:

  • For Economy Class Vehicles: 2000 TL

  • For Medium Vehicles: 3000TL

  • For Upper Class and SUV-type Vehicles: 4000 TL

*Note: For luxury cars, two credit cards with the same driver’s name are required for all rentals. The credit card must not be from the same issuer but the required deposit amount must be available only on one of the two cards.

Other Conditions:

The vehicle will be personally delivered to the Renter at the requested address on the date of the car rental commencement.

The Renter must send the identity and driver's license photocopies of the person or persons authorized to receive the car other than him/herself, their written statement on company letterhead paper stating that they have been authorized, at the latest one day before the delivery. In corporate rentals, companies can only use the car if authorized by the personnel registered with the Social Security Institution (SGK) or those listed on the signature circular. If the Renter allows the vehicle to be used by 3rd parties not mentioned in the provisions, it will constitute a breach of the contract, and in addition to other rights in the contract, it is a reason for termination.

In case of Corporate rental, the documents required to be sent for the establishment of the company registration are;

1-Tax Board

2-Signature Circular

3-Activity Certificate

4-If necessary, Authorization Letter

If the requested documents are not sent or sent incompletely, the rental will be processed as an individual rental.

If the driver is going to use a company credit card (Commercial card), an approval letter on letterhead, stamp and wet signature with the company's trade name is required. The signatory must be a company partner or a member of the board of directors. A signature circular of the person who will sign is required.


Invoicing procedures are completed within 3 business days from the date you return the rented vehicle.

The invoices for the extras you have purchased or used during the rental period will be issued by MAYRENT. If you wish to have corporate invoicing for the payments related to the rental, you need to meet the conditions mentioned above and send them to the relevant office.

Removal of Provision:

After you return the car Mayrent, provisions will be removed within a maximum of 10 working days after.


The detailed table regarding the number of rental days and the mileage limit applied by Mayrent is below. In cases where the km limit is exceeded, a fee of 2 TL per km will be charged for all vehicle groups.












ttl 700

ttl 700


ttl 1100

ttl 1100


 ttl 1400

ttl 1400


ttl 1700

ttl 1700


ttl 2000

ttl 2000


ttl 2250

ttl 2250


ttl 2500

ttl 2500


ttl 2850

ttl 2850


ttl 3050

ttl 3050


ttl 3200

ttl 3200


ttl 3400

ttl 3400


ttl 3600

ttl 3600


ttl 3800

ttl 3800


ttl 4000

ttl 4000


Ttl 4000

Ttl 4000


The vehicle you rent is delivered with a full tank. If the fuel is not delivered at the level specified in the contract, the fuel fee and a service fee of 100 TL will be reflected on your invoice.


  • A fee of 40 TL per person is applied for an additional driver. For monthly rentals, the extra driver service is 30 TL. A maximum of 1 extra driver is accepted.

  • Navigation is 30 TL per day. For monthly rentals, this fee is 10 TL per day.

  • The baby seat is 80 TL per day. For rentals of 15 days or more, it is a fixed 40 TL.

  • The mini damage insurance is 100 TL per day. For rentals of 15 days or more, it is a fixed 1500 TL.

  • The medium package of mini damage insurance is 125 TL per day. For rentals of 15 days or more, it is a fixed 1900 TL.

  • The large package of mini damage insurance is 150 TL per day. For rentals of 15 days or more, it is a fixed 2200 TL.

  • Winter tire is 45 TL per day. For monthly rentals, this fee is 40 TL per day.


Cross border travel is not usually permitted.


In very rare cases you may need our support when you arrived at your pick-up location. Assumed you have problems finding the supplier, its location, or you have problems getting the car, our professional customer service team will assist you in such cases.

Our customer service team is happy to help you 24/7 in your dedicated language.

Yolcu360 Customer Support Line: 0850 360 5 360

Emergency Support Line: 444 99 64


The vehicle you will rent is protected against crashes, theft, and theft attempts. Damages to third parties are also protected within the limits of traffic insurance. There is no damage exemption in the insurance conditions that we apply. However, the costs of damages that are not properly recorded (accident detection report, alcohol report, documents of the parties involved in the accident, etc.) belong exclusively to the user. In the case of undeclared damages, the damage repair process is definitely not carried out with the driver's statement.


During vehicle return, the company will conduct a rental risk analysis. Whether the vehicle will be delivered or not will be determined according to the result of this report.

For guests coming from abroad, extra documents are required for vehicle delivery. It is necessary to present a round-trip plane ticket and an entry stamp in the passport.

In case the vehicle is returned at an earlier date than the delivery date; the amount to be refunded does not cover the total rental period. The cost of the days the vehicle was used by the guest is deducted from the total rental fee, and the cost of the days the vehicle was not used is refunded. This amount is calculated based on the vehicle rental fee at the relevant date.

Other rental conditions, other than the titles mentioned above, will be notified to you during the delivery of the car by a representative of the Mayrent company, to be submitted for your signature. Please do not forget to read the document presented to you before receiving the car.

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