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Car Rentals in Taipei

Renting a car in Taipei becomes essential due to the vast spread of the city and the plethora of captivating spots waiting to be explored. With your personal ride, you get the liberty to maneuver at your own pace, erasing the hassle of adhering to public transport schedules.

Top Spots to Check Out in Taipei

Taipei is a city brimming with wonders. A must-visit is the lively Ximending Shopping District, resonating with the youth for its vibrant nightlife and eclectic mix of shops and eateries. While at it, don’t miss the serene Longshan Temple, a picturesque Buddhist sanctuary amidst the city's hustle. And, of course, the iconic Taipei 101 skyscraper stands tall, offering panoramic views of the sprawling metropolis.

Tantalizing Taipei Tastes

Taipei boasts an array of local culinary treats. From the famed dumplings to the local favorite, stinky tofu, there's a vast spread to satisfy those taste buds.

How to Book a Car Rental in Taipei

Getting a car rental in Taipei is a breeze. Most rental agencies offer user-friendly websites where bookings can be made, specifying pickup and drop-off timings, and the choice of your vehicle. Reservations can also be made over the phone or directly at the car rental office.

Average Car Rental Rates in Taipei

Car rental prices in Taipei fluctuate based on the vehicle type and season. Rates typically range between $30 to $70 per day.

Peak Car Rental Seasons in Taipei

Peak times for car rentals in Taipei usually revolve around summer holidays, Lunar New Year celebrations, and the Golden Week in October. Pre-booking is advised during these high-demand periods.

Driving Tips in Taipei

When driving a rental car in Taipei, remember to stick to the right side of the road. Abide by traffic rules and stay alert to road signage. Keep a keen eye for cyclists and motorcyclists, a frequent sight in the city.

Car Rental Pickup Points in Taipei

Multiple pickup points for car rentals are scattered across Taipei. Many agencies have outlets at the Taoyuan International Airport and downtown. Pickup from train stations and select hotels is also an option.

Venturing Out in Your Taipei Rental

With your Taipei rental car, you can navigate off-the-beaten paths. Consider driving along the northern coastline, soaking in splendid oceanic views, or head to the mountains for some breathtaking natural vistas and rural charm.

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