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Car Rental in Venice

Venice, the stunning city in Italy, is an absolute must-visit. Whether you're there for the carnival, to immerse in the romantic canals, or just to take in the architectural wonders, every moment counts. That's where car rental in Venice becomes pivotal. With a car, you get to manage your time and schedule, choosing exactly what you want to see and when.

Top Places to Explore in Venice

There's an overwhelming amount to explore in Venice. Obvious picks include the Grand Canal, St. Mark's Square, the Doge's Palace, and the Rialto Bridge. But remember, you can also drive out to nearby Padua and Treviso, equally spectacular cities that are highlights of the Veneto region.

Venetian Delicacies to Savor

Your trip to Venice won't be complete without tasting its traditional dishes. Seafood is a no-brainer, but don't miss out on 'fritto misto', a delightful mix of fried fish and shellfish. And of course, indulge in an authentic 'Spritz', Venice's signature drink.

How to Book a Car in Venice?

It's straightforward. Book a car rental in Venice online on our website. Just select the vehicle that best suits your requirements and budget, fill in your details, and once payment is done, your car will be ready at the specified pick-up point you've chosen.

What's the Average Cost for Renting a Car in Venice?

Car rental prices in Venice can fluctuate based on factors like car make and model, rental duration, pick-up location, and season. On average, expect prices around €30-60 per day.

When's the Peak Car Rental Time in Venice?

Peak times for car rentals in Venice usually revolve around major holidays, Venice Carnival (February-March), and the prime tourist season (June-September). During these times, it's wise to book in advance.

Things to Keep in Mind when Driving a Rental Car in Venice

When driving in Venice, remember that the city center is a car-free zone. However, there are numerous parking spots outside this zone where you can leave your car and proceed on foot or by boat. Also, be aware that driving rules in Italy might differ from your home country.

Where Can You Pick Up Rental Cars in Venice?

Main pick-up points for car rentals in Venice include the Marco Polo Airport, Piazzale Roma, and Mestre train station. Many agencies also offer direct delivery to your hotel or residence.

Alternate Routes with Your Venice Car Rental

If you have some extra time, consider driving around the Veneto region with your rented car. Historic cities like Verona and Padua, the stunning Prosecco wine region, and the awe-inspiring Dolomites are all within reach.

In conclusion, car rental in Venice offers you the best chance to fully experience this magical city and explore the gems of the Veneto region. So, don't wait; start planning your Venice journey with a rental car today!

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